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 AUT400 thickness gauge (with A-scan Snapsot)
  • UM-4 ultrasonic thickness gauge made by our factory with OLED true color,built-in A-SCAN snapshot is a kind of high precision,

    new-type, and portable industrial nondestructive testing.The A-SCAN snapshot function can help users better control

    measurement and avoid the inaccurate measurement value leaded by the factor of material itself

    Shining Features:

    1.The industry's first economic and digital thickness gauge:

    2.Innovative A-scan snapshot function marks economic thickness gauge into the digital times:
    3. With the breakthrough zero measurement technology:
    Based on digital technology,with zero measuring technology, the thickness measurement value cannot be effected by ultrasonic intensity,material reliability.
    4.The only one with clear bright OLED true color screen of the grade product :
    5.More practical function


    white on coupling Diff/RR% mode Min./Max.mode red on alarm
    6.The only gauge real up to 0.01mm resolution among the grade product:
    UM-4series gauge can reach 0.01mm by adopting breakthrough digital technology and special algorithm. And experiments have shown it can

     easily distinguish the two test blocks of thickness difference of 0.01 mm


  • Specification:

    Display:2.4in QVGA(320*240 dot-matrix) color OLED, contrast 10,000:1
    Operating principle:pulse/echo with dual-element transducer
    Measurement range:0.025-20.00in depending on probe, material surface condition
    Resolution: selectable 0.001/0.01"
    Units: selectable mm/in
    Gain: selectable low,medium,high
    Display mode:thickness value mode,MIN./MAX. capture mode,Diff//RR% mode
    V-path correction:automatic
    Measurement update rate:selectable 4Hz,8Hz,16Hz
    Velocity range:(500-9999m/s)0.0197-0.3937in/us
    Languages:selectable Chinese English,Japanese
    Alarm setup:MIN./MAX alarm,dynamic waveform color change on alarm battery type:two 1.5AA batteries
    Battery life:over 35hours
    Shut-off:selectable always ON or AUTO-OFF after 5,10,20 minutes of inactivities
    Operating temperature:-10℃~+50℃(specification to -20℃ on request)
    Weight:280g including batteries
    Communication port:USB2.0 Full Speed port
    Communication software:DataView software

    Features:                                     AUT400       AUT400D       AUT400DL

  • Used widely in the wall thickness measurement of petrochemica l, electricity ,

    shipbuilding , manufacturing pipeline, pressure
    vessel , tanks.

  • Main unit


    carry case

    standard probe

  • 型号 Model

    Diameter 直径

    Description 描述


    Crystal size =8mm

    High high temperature, Crystal size =8mm


    Crystal size =12mm

    High high temperature, Crystal size =12mm


    Crystal size =12mm

    Probe for Cast Iron ,  2MHZ,  Crystal size =12mm


    Crystal size =4mm

    Miniature probe, 10MHZ, Crystal size =4mm

    Single crystal probe

    For accurate testing ,15MHZ

    4 step test block


    6 step test block


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